Why it’s actually okay to workout…just for the sake of it.

Why it’s actually okay to workout…just for the sake of it.

When you’re in the fitness industry, especially as a Personal Trainer, you get used to people asking you HOW you train. How many times a week do you workout. How long do you spend at the gym. Do you do the exercises that you’re now making your clients do. What weight do you use.

Something I don’t hear as often, but that does crop up every now and then, is the why. Why do I workout. What is it for. I’ve even heard;

“but you don’t want to lose weight. So why do need to workout?”

Which of course is ridiculous on so many levels. I’ve always been an active person, and when I started dancing less often, the gym seemed like a natural substitution. That’s why I got into it in the first place, along with my quest to get stronger.

Still, I got myself into a bit of a tizz the other week because it seemed like everyone I knew was training for something in particular. Some sort of race or obstacle course, a bodybuilding comp or powerlifting qualifiers. I started to wonder if I should be doing the same thing.

What’s the point in training if you’re not training for anything- right?

Well actually, wrong.

Why it’s actually okay to workout…just for the sake of it.

After a couple of stressful days, panicking over my laptop as I searched for an event that I actually wanted to do, I came to the sudden realisation that I was giving myself a whole load of bother over nothing.

Just because you’re not in training for something doesn’t mean that your workouts are pointless. I certainly wasn’t about to enter myself aimlessly into some sort of competition just because it might look good on my CV or make me more sellable as a PT.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m relatively new to the whole fitness world. I’m still finding my feet and figuring out what it is that I do and do not enjoy. I’ll go through phases where all I want to do is powerlifting… and then the next day train for hours on plyometrics and callisthenics. My goals range from deadlifts to handstands to learning to kick box. Sometimes I want bigger muscles. Sometimes I even wonder, if I trained cardio every day could I ever improve my stamina…

And sure, it might mean I’m not focusing enough on one particular element. Perhaps my own ‘programme’ isn’t adequately specific. But the important thing is that I go to the gym every day because I genuinely want to be there. And if I don’t? Well then, I won’t go. I’ll train what I want to train because it takes my fancy in that moment… not because it’s a stepping stone on the route to something else.

Perhaps in the future I’ll be training for something. Maybe there’ll be days where I don’t want to go to the gym but I force myself to anyway because I have a bigger picture in mind. But right now, I don’t know what that is so I’m just going to accept the fact that I often train for the sake of training. I enjoy it.

And you know what? that’s ok.

Why it’s actually okay to workout…just for the sake of it.

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