My Ideal Weekly Training Schedule

Sharing my ideal weekly training schedule

Earlier this week I had a bit of a ramble about my training goals. Or rather, my lack of training goals. My schedule varies vastly in terms of how I workout. Sometimes I do HiiT, sometimes strength training. Sometimes I’ll just play around stretching and doing handstands. I’m learning to be ok with just figuring out what I enjoy and where I’m going little by little.

My clients ask all the time about my training schedule.

“When do you manage to fit your workouts in?”

The simple answer is, whenever. When I worked in an office, I was a classic early bird. My alarm would go off and I’d be up and out the house, going to the gym and getting in my session, all before 9am when I’d be sat at my desk at work. (Ravenously eating my meal-prep breakfast).

Now that my hours are more sporadic, I’m rarely free early mornings or in the typical after-work slot because, surprise surprise, this is when the majority of my clients want to book in their sessions. But that’s totally fine by me, because it means there’ll usually be a good couple of hours in the middle of the day when I can go and take my time to do my own workout. Best part is, it’s normally nice and empty. I love having the gym floor to myself!

My Ideal Weekly Training Schedule

Each day will vary depending on what gym I’m using or how I’m feeling. I’m not a bodybuilder. Nor am I an athlete. I’m certainly not training for a marathon. I also don’t exercise to lose weight. I work out because I ENJOY IT.

So I thought it’d be fun to put together and share an example of what my perfect week would look like if I had all the time and energy to train where and when and what I want.


My Ideal Week Training Schedule


Heavy Legs & Glutes.

I’m usually really motivated and full of energy at the start of the week, which is why Monday is almost always my leg day. I LOVE doing squats, as I’m confident in the technique and it’s really satisfying to go heavy. First I’ll do a bit of glute and hamstring activation on the cable pulley, then I’ll go in for my 5, 3 or 1 rep max. After squats I’ll finish off with some single leg press, heavy lunges, glute bridges and leg extension.


Back. Shoulders. Arms.

Back is one of my favourite things to train. I like to do a bit of a push and pull contrast – so lots of lat pull down and heavy cable rows, and then shoulder press/chest press too. I’ll usually train hypertrophy for shoulders as I’m trying to build up the muscle a little bit. I’ll finish off with lateral/frontal raises and superset some bicep curls/tricep extensions on the cables.


Abs & Stretching.

Half an hour on abs, half an hour stretching out my muscles and working on some mobility.

For Abs I’ll start with the big, tiring exercises. Either hanging leg raises, TRX pikes or weighted decline sit ups. Usually 5 sets of 20 or so. Then I’ll go down to the mats and superset a combination of any of my favourite ab exercises.

Stretching-wise I always feel good about myself if I spend a decent amount of time foam rolling (quads and IT band). I always need lots of hip opener stretches and I like to practice my splits too.



I say rest in inverted commas because I’ll sometimes forgo a full rest day during the week if I have time for something like a yoga or pilates class. Ideally I’d like to have one day per week where I go for a swim or just have a long walk outside. Unfortunately with my current work-schedule that’s rarely possible!


Plyometrics & Handstands.

Friday = FriYAY. I definitely need one day a week designated to the fun stuff. Lots of box jumps, monkey bars & handstands and I love challenging bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, press ups & tricep dips!



Saturday is often one of the only days I get to train with Tom, and I like it when he’s there to train Bench and Deadlifts. I’m less confident on the technique for these and so it’s handy having a fellow PT around to scrutinise every little detail! He’s also brilliant for chest day in general so we’ll do a lot of chest work with dumbbells and cables. I’ll usually accessorise deadlifts with some Romanian/stiff leg deadlifts and LOTS of Roman chair back extension. Oblique work as well – I like woodchops on the cables.




 My Perfect Weekly Training Schedule

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