To Hiit or not to hiit?

To HiiT, or not to HiiT

In one of those frustrating, catch-22 coincidences, in the past couple of weeks since I made the shift to become a fully-fledged freelance fitness trainer, I’ve actually been working out far less often than I used to.

It’s driving me up the wall.

Back when I was an office minion, the gym was my respite. Every morning, like clockwork, I’d be up and out the house by 6.30am, fitting in a 45 minute session before the working day had even begun.

Now, I’m getting up even earlier so that I can be there for all the other 9-5 workers. Only this time I’m the one teaching their 7am HiiT or 8am Barre class that they diligently fit in before work.

To HiiT or not to HiiT

I think that somewhere in my head I took for granted that when I didn’t have a steady 9-5 job, I’d have much more spare time on my hands for my own training.

Urm, wrong. Me being me, (I have a compulsive need to be busy) I somehow managed to fill up every spare moment of my time either training clients, teaching classes or travelling from one to the other. Most of my blog stuff and writing gets done on the bus or tube in between studios.

When I do happen to have a spare moment to myself, I’m too shattered for a truly productive workout.

To HiiT or not to HiiT?

My clients often comment at the end of the class that I must not need to go to the gym very often when I spend so much of my time teaching back-to-back classes.

I see where they’re coming from. On the one hand, teaching a fitness class, particularly a fast paced one like HiiT, is both mentally and physically taxing. I always put my max into demonstrations: If a demo is half-arsed then you can hardly blame the class if they don’t go all out to push themselves.

I always do some sets with the class for motivation purposes- which, by the way, is a million times more exhausting when you’re also simultaneously timekeeping, talking, giving teaching points and making sure everyone is pushing themselves just hard enough. It’s a lot for your body and your brain to handle.

So add that all up and then take into consideration the fact that I normally teach at least two to three classes back to back, you would think that covers my own workout, somewhere along the way. I certainly am exhausted at the end of my working day!

The truth is, though, that I spend so long in a class stopping and starting, talking and teaching as well as demonstrating that I never quite get the same level of post-workout satisfaction as when I spend an hour solely focused on me.

To HiiT or not to HiiT

It’s no surprise really. Particularly as my own training is focused on strength training, doing lots of heavy compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts. My classes, on the other hand are primarily HiiT style- so lots of cardio, lots of speed, lots of power. I absolutely love teaching these classes, but in these past couple of weeks I have really missed my own good, old-fashioned weight training.

I guess it’s just one of those things that I’m going to have to figure out along the way – how to find the time to fit in my own training as well as keep up with all my classes and all my clients, without pushing myself to breaking point!
We’ll see how it goes.

To HiiT or not to HiiT


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