TRX Lower Body Burner

15 Minute TRX Workout: The Lower Body Burner

I was really pleased with the response from last month’s killer upper body TRX workout. So I decided to make it into a bit of a mini series.

This month I’ve created a lower body burner on the suspension belts. The main focuses, you guessed it, being legs and glutes. I often use TRX with clients who are new to resistance training. Using them for exercises such as squats and lunges provides just a tiny bit of additional support. This means that you can really focus on getting the technique spot-on.

Luckily I managed to create this video the day before I ran into (yes, into) an escalator. My knee is now pretty swollen so I’m avoiding leg day for a little while!

Still, that doesn’t mean that you all can’t get your DOMS on!

Just as with the upper body exercises, lower body TRX workouts are easily adaptable to ability and experience. The closer your stand underneath the anchor of the TRX, e.g. for lunges and squats, the harder the exercise will be. This is because the belts will have more slack, meaning you’re carrying more of your own weight. Place tension in the Belts by walking away from the anchor, and you’ll be more supported- thus making the exercise easier.

Check out the full workout video below. It’s written out in full too- along with some handy tips! As ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and if you have any questions, do get in touch.


15 Minute TRX Workout: Lower Body Burner


The Workout In Full

1) Squats (20 secs) into Jump squats (20 secs). 3 sets, 20 secs rest between sets.
2) Curtsey Lunges (20 secs) into Alternating Lunge Jumps (20 secs). 3 sets, 20 secs rest between sets.
3) Pistol squats. 10 per leg. 3 sets, 30 secs rest between sets.
4) Split Squats/Split Squat Jumps. 10 per leg. 3 sets, 30 secs rest between sets.
5) Hamstring Curls 10 reps. 4 sets 30 secs rest between sets.

now watch the video…


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