The truth about fitness couples

The Truth about Fitness Couples

Tom and I aren’t really doing anything for Valentine’s Day this year. It was a mutual feeling, less of a decision than a:

“We’re not doing anything for Valentine’s, are we?”

“Nah, don’t think so.”

And that was that. One of those moments when you realise that you really are with the right person.

We’re both personal trainers, although it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we actually worked together. We’re both coaches at the same F45 in Sydney- so it was inevitable that before long we’d be put on the timetable for the same classes. It was a lot of fun, teaching together. I like to think that we made a good team and had a good energy bouncing off each other- which is probably what led to one of the class members exclaiming; “you guys are such a fitness couple”.

I guess that’s exactly what we are. Truthfully, though, I’d never really thought about it like that because in my head, a fitness couple is one of those uber shiny and perfect couple-goals-of-Instagram, who have matching gym-wear and go for runs together. Tom and I have never done either of those things.

This year, rather than looking up overpriced Valentine’s dates, I thought I’d just spend some time thinking about what being a fitness couple actually means to me.

The truth about fitness couples

We don’t ask each other how our day was.

Well, we do. But it’s more along the lines of “what did you train today”. We go into unbelievable detail about what workout we did, which gym we went to, which muscles are sore and what weights we lifted.  We can literally talk for hours describing every single rep, set and variation. I don’t even get bored of it. I love finding out about Tom’s PBs and I genuinely get really excited to tell him about a particularly good workout.

The majority of our ‘dates’ involve the gym.

Last year at this time I wrote a post about fun dates you can go on in London if you’re an active couple. Truthfully though, I love just getting the chance to train with Tom. We met in a gym, so if you think about it, every time we train together it’s a little bit like going back to our first date!

I don’t actually think about it like that (honestly!). But given that we barely get a chance to see each other when we’re so busy at work, it’s nice that we have something in common and can spend time together doing what we both enjoy.

Gifts are also usually gym related.

Gym bags. T-shirts. Trainers. Lifting belts. Resistance Bands. Active wear. Protein. There is literally a never-ending list of things you can buy for birthdays and Christmas. The best part is that you’re never wasting your money because you know that it will probably be used every single week.

Early Nights Rule All.

We’re not one of those couples that go out clubbing together. Or barely ever. Even if we go out for drinks on a Saturday night, we rarely stay out too late unless it’s for a special occasion. When you work in fitness, chances are you have to get up at 5am at least a few mornings in the week. In our case, most mornings. So nothing is more satisfying than being able to spend some quality time together and then heading to bed for an early night.  Maybe it sounds boring. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We rarely eat the same meals.

This is partly because I’m vegetarian, while Tom is one of those people who thinks that a meal doesn’t count as a meal unless there is some sort of meat involved! I hear about other couples cooking together and I remember when I was a child and we’d all have the same meal as a family. But Tom and I have such different preferences and we both pay attention to what calories/macros we need per day. The closest we ever come to the same meal is either Bolognese (which I make two separate ones anyway because his is turkey and mine is Quorn) or our pancake Sundays. Usually, our dinners are completely different meals. It makes going to those restaurants where you both share a load of dishes completely impossible!

The truth about fitness couples

It’s a big deal if we’re not in active-wear.

Any occasion where it’s not acceptable to wear gym clothes is a pretty big deal. I suppose other couples get used to seeing each other in suits and smart clothes for work. But I wore jeans the other day and Tom actually asked where we were going! If I ever have to wear heels, he just completely doesn’t understand that we can no longer walk upstairs two at a time.

We never do couples workouts…

Ok. So. I’m guilty. Every now and then, usually when we’re on holiday, I’ll make Tom think up some sort of fun couple-y workout thing or gymnastics stunt that we can film or photograph. It’s a lot of fun, although 10% of the time ends in bickering.

It’s purely for the insta.

The actual fact of the matter is that when we’re at the gym together (unless I’ve managed to convince Tom to be my Personal Trainer for the day) we say goodbye and head our separate ways. When we’re done working out (usually when I get hungry!) we find each other again, discuss our workout at length (see point 1) and go to find some food.

If being a fitness couple means that you actually have to do the same workout together, complete with some fancy partner exercises and 30 minutes of couples acro-yoga to finish…. well then maybe we’re not a ‘fitness couple’ after all!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


What do you and your partner have in common? Do you train together or apart? I’d love to hear in the comments!


The truth about fitness couples



  • Katie

    This is what I want haha! I think it’s great that you obviously have the fitness in common, but it’s also something separate for you too. That’s really cool.

    • Roslyn Rachel

      Thanks Katie! Although it does sometimes make me feel guilty when he goes to the gym and I decide to stay in bed and eat chocolate!!

    • Roslyn Rachel

      Glad you liked it! I completely agree, it’s nice to have a balance of things that we both enjoy vs things that I can still do in my “me time”!

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