Travel Fitness Workout Log: Workout #6 (Bangkok)

Travel Fitness Log: Workout #6 (Bangkok)

This workout feels like a very long time ago! I’ve had it saved on my phone for a good couple of weeks now but wifi issues, and generally being busy travelling around has meant that it joined the backlog of workouts to be uploaded.

The ‘gym’ that we had in our Bangkok apartment complex didn’t have a vast amount of equipment, but neither Tom or I really minded. With stunning views of the Bangkok skyline from the 53rd floor, we were perfectly content with the yoga mats, Swiss balls and TRX provided. It was more than enough to start our couple of days in the city with a satisfying workout.

With TRX workouts, I like to play around with the amount of time I do each exercise for. I usually start with the longest amount of time (each exercise for 45-60 seconds) then decrease the amount of time per set.

Perform the exercises as slowly as possible. Each of the exercises demonstrated in the info graphic below are easy to rush through. Try to avoid this if possible! Performing the exercises slowly and continuously increases the amount of time that the muscles are under tension for- meaning that they’re working much harder than if you just rush through the motions.

You can do the exercises in set-formation (one exercise at a time for 3-4 sets) or in circuit-formation (one exercise after the other and then back to the beginning). If using sets, I’d go for 20-30 seconds rest in between sets. If using a circuit, avoid any rest between each exercise but go for 40-60 seconds or so rest at the end of each circuit.

The below workout uses the following exercises for a satisfying upper body and core workout

1) TRX rows

2) TRX chest press

3) Powerpulls (right side then left side)

4) Slow, cross body mountain climbers (feet in TRX cradles)

5) Press ups into plank into TRX pikes

If you fancy making this into a full body workout all you need to do is add some single leg or jump squats and maybe some lunges while you’re at it!

Travel Fitness Workout Log: Workout #6 (Bangkok)


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