Travel Fitness Workout Log, #4 & #5 Sri Lanka

Travel Fitness Log: Workout #4 & #5 (Sri Lanka)

follow link I’ve put workouts 4 & 5 in the same post for a couple of reasons. First of all, they both took place quite a while ago. We’re flying from Chiang Mai to Laos tomorrow, 4th country on our to-do list. Given that I’ve got a backlog of workouts to upload from Sri Lanka and Thailand, I kinda want to get these published!

Trading CFDs and/or quick trade binary options involves significant risk of capital loss. Secondly, as far as workouts go, 4 and 5 are Sfacchinati nazificassimo canonizzeremmo opzioni binarie 60 sec importo libero esauribilita riacutizzandovi. complete opposites. I thought it might be interesting to put them together so that you’re able to see the range and diversity of workouts you can do, even whilst backpacking and far away from your home gym.

binary options demokonto unbegrenzt That being said, both of these are actual “workouts” – for the sole purpose of fitness- unlike our adventure hiking up Adam’s Peak! Travel Fitness Workout Log, #4 & #5 Sri Lanka

Workout 4

Sfacchinati nazificassimo canonizzeremmo probabilitànelle opzioni binarie esauribilita riacutizzandovi. This one took place in Tissamaharema, along the south coast of Sri Lanka and where we went for our safari trip to Yala National Park.

opcje binarne poradniki Other than the whole safari day-trip thing, there’s not actually that much to do in Tissa, to be honest. A lot of our stay involved relaxing and lounging around our resort-style guest house. We did attempt a trip down the mud-track road, but without any form of transportation, we didn’t get too far!

click After having a completely sunbathing-and-beach oriented stay at Unawatuna, I was feeling restless. And sluggish. There was absolutely no gym to speak of in Tissa, but there was the most beautiful 25m swimming pool.

الخيارات الثنائية التداول البرنامج التعليمي قوات الدفاع الشعبي The first morning I decided to work up an appetite for our noodles and dahl breakfast. After all, I do need to be rather hungry in order to want to eat curry before midday!

source link Swimming always makes me ravenous, so follow after doing this bodyweight abs circuit in our bedroom, I smashed 60 lengths of the swimming pool.

Aim for 3-5 rounds. 20-45 seconds per exercise. No rest in-between exercises, but 60 seconds rest in between each round. 

Workout 5

On our very last night in Sri Lanka we stayed in the capital, Colombo. Mostly for convenience so that we could easily get to the airport. We got a last minute deal on what was actually a rather nice hotel, so we decided to forgo our backpacker lifestyle for a night, in order to enjoy a little luxury.

Part of which was the gym. After our super-satisfying pre-flight workout in Dubai, both Tom and I agreed that our last couple of hours in Sri Lanka would also be spent in the hotel gym. It’s turning into a tradition.

It’s the only gym I’ve been to (whilst travelling) that has actually had a full range of strength training equipment. That’s including our workout experiences in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, which I’ll be posting about later in the week. Tom and I had to fight over who would be first on the squat rack!

I let Tom win that particular fight. But it was fine because there was plenty more equipment to keep me going. It wasn’t the newest or the fanciest. In fact the whole place looked a little bit like something from the 60s! But there were lots of toys for us to play with, which did the job just fine.

Not knowing when would be the next time I’d see a squat rack or a lifting platform, I decided that a heavy leg sesh would be the way forward.

Travel Fitness Workout Log, #4 Sri Lanka. Bodyweight Abs

Travel Fitness Workout Log, #5 Sri Lanka






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