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6 Weeks of Backpacker Fitness: A few observations

6 Weeks of Backpacker Fitness: A few observations

If you read my latest postcard, you’ll be well aware that I spent a large proportion of my time in Laos sick, in bed. During this time, I was, quite understandably, not contributing to my Travel Fitness Workout Log. I had a good couple of weeks away from the gym, to allow myself to get back to normal.

Instead, I started writing this observation post. I’m not talking bodily observations as such. I certainly can’t remember the last time I stepped on a pair of scales. It’s just a few things I’ve noticed about my routine, attitude and fitness levels since leaving London.


Travel Fitness Log: Workout #2 (Dubai)

Travel Fitness Log: Workout #2 (Dubai)

The day we left Tom and I decided to fit in one final workout at the hotel gym in Dubai. Our flight wasn’t until late and we were allowed to use the hotel facilities even after checking out of our rooms.

I’d actually really recommend working out before a long flight. It tires you out so that you can sleep on the plane- as long as you stretch enough so your muscles don’t all cramp up!

After 25 lengths of the pool for some cardio, I hit the gym floor and did a big back session, followed by a good stretch.

I actually remembered to film this one, but the questionable wifi in Sri Lanka has meant that it took a while to upload, hence the delay!



Upper Body/Back Workout

  • Lat Pull Down (8 Reps)
  • Rear Delt Rows (8 Reps)
  • Reverse Rows (15 Reps)
  • Single Arm Rear Delt Rows (8 Reps each arm)
  • Incline Frontal Raises (8-10 Reps)
  • Lower Back Extensions with weight (10 Reps)
  • Incline Rows on Roman Chair (8 Reps)
  • Spiderman Press Ups (12 Reps)