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Fitspo Fables Vol. 1: Be the Best You Wanna Be

Fitspo Fables Vol. 1: Be the Best You Wanna Be

It’s the 18th December. Which means that in one week’s time it’ll be Christmas, and in just under a fortnight we’ll be at the start of a whole new year.

Unsurprisingly, when you work in the fitness industry, January is usually your busiest period. It’s a month filled with ambition, epiphany- and expensive gym memberships that will (more often than not) get left unused.

I actually love goal-setting and plan-making, and January is as good a time as any to set that in motion. However, New Year’s resolutions are fundamentally unsuccessful because people set goals that they don’t actually care about for the sole reason that “it’s New Years”. (more…)

An Introduction to my Travel Fitness Workout Log

An Introduction to my Travel Fitness Workout Log

Welcome to FlexFit’s travel fitness workout log! This is where I’ll be keeping of all (well, most) of my workouts whilst Tom and I are travelling around Asia and Australasia.

Before we left, people kept asking me how I was going to keep up with my training whilst travelling, and to be honest I never really knew how to answer. It was just as much a mystery to me as it was to them.

All I knew was that as two Personal Trainers, who spent our London lives counting macros and making programmes, addicted to protein and peanut butter and slaves to the squat rack – we were not going to do without. We’d find a way to train.

So this will be a bit of an experiment to find out how we manage. Whether it’s a hiit workout on the beach, a trek through the jungle or even a Thai boxing class, this is the place to see how we manage to adapt our training to suit our new backpacker lifestyle.

And if we can do it, anyone can. So, enjoy – you can read the very first workout right here.

Travel Fitness Workout Log

A Bit of a Belated July Update & My final month in London

A Bit of a Belated July Update & My final month in London

July wasn’t particularly eventful, as such, but it was crazy busy purely because it was my last full month in London– for a little while anyway!

For that reason it passed in a not-so-memorable blur of work-gym-sleep-work-gym-sleep-work-gym… well you get the picture.

My last post details a bit more about my exciting upcoming events– it’ll also help to explain why my July update is coming to you over halfway through August! (Yup you read that right. It’ll be Christmas before we know it!)

Anyway here’s just a few things that happened in the PT/Fitness Blogging world.


I decided back when Tom and I first booked our flights that July would be the month I’d officially tell my clients I was leaving. Just enough time to give reasonable notice- but also not so far in advance that I’d have no work and no money for the weeks before we left!

When it came to it I was actually pretty nervous about telling them! As a PT You become really close with your clients but it’s also still a work-based relationship. So I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

Luckily they were all great. Sad that I was leaving but excited for me at the same time… which is exactly what I could have asked for! Every single person made sure that they could fit in sessions with me right up until my final week in the UK. Many of them even upped how many sessions they were having per week so that they could fit more in- which was both flattering and reassuring!

I’ve built up a lovely client-base since qualifying as a PT and losing this was the one thing that really scared me about going off travelling. But the reactions of my clients gave me confidence in the knowledge that I’ll be able to recreate this elsewhere!

Anyway, that explains a bit more why July was even more work focused than ever…although I did manage to have a bit of a social life as well!


So amongst the clients and the travel planning (and of course my own training) A huge part of last month consisted of sessions with the lovely Staci from Lattes & Lipsticks. The month before her wedding and the last in our Fit Bride Bootcamp series, it really was crunch time! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our workout and Staci’s commentaries in the last of the FBB saga. We even got the groom involved!

A Few Belated July Updates

I also made time for a trip back up north. A bit of a reunion with some school friends, as well as just a very welcome chance to get out of the city. I come from Harrogate, a small spa town in the north of England. It was the last time I’ll be there before moving abroad so I made the most of the peace and quiet in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside!

I guess that was it for July really- although August has already been a lot more eventful what with the impending LnL wedding next week!

For the Future…

I’m not planning goals as such for this/next month. I have a sneaky feeling that I will be preoccupied with travel planning and my friend’s wedding! I do have a few exciting things planned for my trip to the USA next week so I’ll be keeping you updated with my tourist activities, holiday-fitness-regime and travel to-do lists! If you have any good tips for packing a backpack neatly PLEASE let me know in the comments!

A Few Belated July Updates