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A Postcard from Vietnam Part 1: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay

A Postcard from Vietnam Part 1: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay

We were very excited to finally arrive in Hanoi. Mostly because of how difficult it had been to even get there in the first place. All the seasoned backpackers that we’d chatted to throughout our time in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Laos had raved about how amazing Vietnam is. They’d sing the praises of everything from the scenery, to the street-food to the friendliness of the local people.

After our not-so-successful time in Luang Prabang, we really felt like Hanoi would be a turning point. The place where things would start getting better again. I was on the mend from my illness and we’d been told that Vietnam was a lot cheaper than Laos. Over halfway through our travels and funds had started to noticeably deplete.

It could have gone either way. Either our hopes were shooting up so high that we’d be bitterly disappointed, or our eagerness for a brilliant experience would become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thankfully, it went to the latter. (more…)