January Reverse Resolutions

The End of January – and my “Reverse Resolutions”

I guess I’ve been a bit on the quiet side lately. Somehow, we’ve been in Sydney for over two months already, and what with the excitement of Christmas, New Year, job hunting and moving house, blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat.

This meant that as I was reading all my favourite bloggers’ posts about their Christmas presents and their New Year’s Resolutions I was…well, I just wasn’t. I didn’t even make any New Years Resolutions.

The funny thing is though, throughout January I did start making a few changes here and there – without really realising it. Not all at once of course. But every week or so I’d notice a little difference in my attitude or my daily routine as I settled into my new life.

I’m calling them my reverse resolutions:


I’m not working in my breaks

I’ve been a freelance personal trainer for over a year now and I know that when I’m working, my daily routine always involves lots and lots of sessions in the very early morning or very late evening, and a couple here and there at lunchtime. Fitting in around the traditional 9-5 lifestyle of most of my clients. The issue with this is that I end up having huge chunks of time during the day with nothing to do. I’m a classic workaholic. I’ve always done lots of extra-curricular activities or had little projects on the side. Take this blog as an example. So, for a long time it didn’t even occur to me that I could spend those nice long breaks doing something other than work. I was finding all sorts of pointless admin to do and getting bogged down trying to write blog posts or sort my taxes. But this last month I’ve just sort of…chilled out. My breaks are my ‘me’ time. I’ve started spending them doing things like watching Netflix, or reading books or internet articles. I even went home and had a nap the other week. My favourite thing to do when it’s sunny in Sydney is to spend my breaks at the local outdoor swimming pool and sleep in the sun for a while. And you know what? I’m a whole lot happier for it.

I care less and less about social media

This kind of goes with the previous point. Often my work ‘breaks’ would be spent finding and creating content, getting overly stressed about silly things like image captions, hashtags and traffic. But spending more time for the real ‘me’ means I’ve been caring much less about the online ‘me’. I still enjoy scrolling through Instagram… but I only post what I want, when I want and I don’t think twice about whether it’s the ‘optimum time for engagement’.

I’m back on the meal prep

Sydney cafes and restaurants are generally great for healthy food…but they can also get pretty expensive! Plus, I love being in a routine- having my breakfasts and lunches sorted for the working week always makes me feel settled. After months of travelling around Asia, eating lots of street food (regardless of the time of day!) and not really knowing where we’d be getting our next meal from, I’m really liking being back in that Tupperware life.

I’ve stopped going to the gym every day

This is a pretty big one. In London, I’d be going to the gym religiously 6 days a week. 5 days if I felt like I needed an extra rest day. I’ve got a membership to a great gym here, and for a little while I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the most out of all that money that was coming out of my bank account! The thing is, I wasn’t making the most out of the actual sessions. I was going to the gym just for the sake of it, even when I knew that my body needed to rest. Training on a tired body never does you any good! I was constantly aching and fatigued, even though I’d leave the gym feeling unsatisfied with my workout.

I’m now training four times a week (on average). Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how busy I am at work. If I’m too tired (and there’s a difference between fatigued-tired and demotivated-tired!) then I don’t go. The moment I made this change, my workouts became so much more productive. I’m working out for longer, taking the right amount of time to warm up and cool down properly and really pushing for the extra sets or reps. I’m working out less frequently but the quality of my training is so much better. It feels great!

Have you made any changes this January? Were they planned or spontaneous?

January Reverse Resolutions





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