Old School Rules

Some Old School Rules of Health and Fitness

My own strength and tenacity – (stubbornness) – is definitely something I inherited from my late Grandmother- my Mum’s mum. Without a doubt one of the strongest women I have known, she was scrupulously fair, honest and hardworking.

Grandma seemed unstoppable, going for daily walks and scrubbing floors, taking care of my Grandfather right up until her 90s.

I remember my Grandma as always being fit and healthy, despite never setting foot in a gym. She was active both in body and mind, never letting anything get on top of her. This really made me realise that amongst all the new-fangled exercise fads and health crazes that come crashing through today’s society, there’s a lot to be said for the old school basics- simple rules that people like my Grandma lived by for a healthy, happy life.


The Old School Rules of Health and Fitness

1)     Perseverance

Nowadays, everything is about instant gratification. The ability to get what you want right away, thanks to platforms such as smartphones and the internet, means that people are losing their tolerance for sticking at something when the results aren’t instantaneous. Unfortunately, nothing worth having in the fitness world can be gained immediately – you can’t expect to do a few sit ups and suddenly have rock hard abs. It can take months- even years, to get the body you want or lift the weight you want to lift, but it’ll come if you put in the time and the effort.

Old School Perseverance

2)  Everything in Moderation

This is something that I remember Grandma saying often, and it’s stuck with me. Balance is so important, obviously you shouldn’t OD on chocolate or go binge drinking every weekend, but equally try not to get too obsessive over health kicks, detoxes or your gym routine. There’s been a lot in the press recently about ‘orthorexia’-  when healthy eating turns into more of a detrimental obsession than a healthy habit. You shouldn’t live off chocolate but you can’t survive just on salad either. By the same principal, if being at the gym so much is causing you to lose grip on your social life or fall asleep at your desk at work…well, then it’s not exactly healthy is it?

Old School Rules

3) The Early Bird etc

This may not work for everyone, because not everyone is a morning person. But I am, and so was my Grandma and I just think that if you have the skill to be wide awake from 6am then you may as well use it. Get your gym session over with before 9am then you have the whole day ahead of you to do as you please and at least you won’t have to gather up the motivation to go AFTER work.

4) You can always trust a pen and paper

I’m not literally talking about notepads and your favourite biro, clearly, although it can help to log down what you do each session so you can record your times, weights and PBs for next time. What i’m really saying is that there is only so much that you can rely on technology. Despite all these new fangled programmes and apps that claim to help kick you into shape, they can only do so much – it’s up to you to actually go out there and put the effort in, technology or no.

Old School Rules

5) Fresh Air Cures All

Grandma went for a walk outside, rain or shine, every single day that I can remember, and she swore that it did her the world of good. Gym’s are great, but if you’re already stuck inside all day doing a 9-5 office job, it’s unbelievably important to set aside a time each day to be outside and get some fresh air. If going outside for at least 5 minutes a day everyday will make me as fit and healthy as my Grandma at the age of 90 years old, then I’ll take that over the gym any day.

Old School - Fresh Air

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