Morning Workouts

6 Reasons to Workout in the Morning

I have always been a morning person. It’s when I’m the most alert, the most productive, the most energetic. I was that annoying kid who’d be bugging their parents in the early hours of the morning because I couldn’t sleep – so why should they?

Often, even when it’s the weekend and I’m allowed, for once, to lie in and relax in bed and do nothing all day, I still find myself up, showered, dressed and faffing about all before 8am.

It’s because of this, of course, that most of the time my daily workout is done and dusted before I even get to work. Not always, of course, but I have genuinely grown to love my morning workouts and I do miss them when they get skipped or surrendered.

I know that this is where I differ from a lot of people. My boyfriend is one of them- he’s still lying in bed whilst I’m bouncing about like the duracell bunny and then in the evening he’s completely smashing out his sets whilst I’ve run out of battery.

Nonetheless, there are some genuine, solid reasons why that morning workout is a great addition to your daily routine.


6 Reasons to Workout in the Morning

Morning Workouts

1) You don’t have anything to think about

I mean that’s obviously not quite true – but what I mean is that it’s your first activity of the day – the first thing that you’re focusing on. You’ve not got those niggly work emails still in the back of your mind and you’re not worrying yet about that to-do list that you haven’t quite ticked off. It’s just you, yourself, and your training and that’s all you need to worry about. Really focusing in on your sets and your technique will ensure that you have a truly productive session.

2) It gets it out the way

If you’re not a morning person and you can’t think of anything worse than setting your alarm for 6am, then think of it this way – if you workout in the morning then that’s it. Done. Out the way. I mean, sure, you might decide to be truly hardcore and go again, but anything more is just a bonus. Working out first thing in the morning means that by the time you’re done with work you can go home and relax – or be social and say yes to those after work drinks.

3) It makes you appreciate the small things



This is a bit of a convoluted point, and maybe it’s just me, but there is something really refreshing about getting up at the crack of dawn and doing some good, old fashioned exercise. I’ve been getting up super-early and walking 45 minutes to the gym over the past week or so. It’s been long, but I’ve actually really enjoyed it. Even though, living in London, the streets are never completely deserted there’s still this peaceful tranquility at that time in the morning. It’s like the calm before the rush-hour storm and you can actually appreciate the sun rising instead ofbeing preoccupied by the hasty commute to work, trying to do your make-up and eat your breakfast whilst precariously hanging onto the handles on the bus.


4) You’re more awake

Everyone thinks that exercise is tiring, which in a way is true – especially if you push yourself to fatigue. But really think about what exercise is doing to your body. It increases your heart rate, it gets your blood flowing, it warms up your muscles. This is why after refueling and recovering from your session with food, water and protein you often feel much more energised and alert. I know that for me, I am ten times more productive and awake at work if I’ve been to the gym in the morning. It’s actually on the days that I lie in bed a little longer and skip the workout that I end up falling asleep at my desk, still groggy and half-dreaming. Plus, making sure you fit a good workout into your day means you’ll sleep better at night- allowing you to fully recover and feel full of beans the next day.


5) You’re more positive

When you exercise you’re putting your body under a form of stress. This triggers the brain to release endorphins, which is our bodies’ way of responding to that stress. These endorphins reduce our perception of pain, and are responsible for that elated, euphoric feeling that you get after physical exertion.

What better way to start the day than with a big release of “happy chemicals”?

Morning Workouts

6) The gym is less busy

Call me antisocial, but this is without a doubt one of my favourite reasons for going to the gym in the morning. With the current fitness trends that are booming all over the world, it’s pretty rare to be rewarded with a completely empty gym floor especially in a busy city like london. Even at 6am the professional-gym bunnies are sweating away on the treadmill. Still, in my experience I’ve found that the morning rush hour is significantly less crowded than the evening, post-work rush hour. When you get on all the machines and equipment that you want right away then you don’t have to waste time thinking of variations…plus I hate having to queue for the showers.

Morning Workouts


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