FlexFitDance May-June Monthly Update

Monthly Summary: May-June Update

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on because I’m pretty sure I published last month’s update like, yesterday.

The weeks are flashing by. It’s now just a few months until Tom and I go travelling and I don’t feel organised in the slightest! I spend so much time plate-spinning clients, classes and blog posts that I can’t even begin to think about travel insurance and injections (grim).

Here’s a little summary of what’s going on in the life a la Roslyn.


Well first of all I bit the bullet and handed in my notice for my classes! It’s something I’d been meaning to do for ages but kept chickening out. Set classes mean you can be sure of the money coming in each month- but you also don’t tend to get paid as much for them. There was a bit of sentimentality there as well. These classes were technically my first job in the fitness industry and I was loathe to let that go! Every time I tried to steel myself to quit I’d have a really good class. Still, when push came to shove they were taking up valuable time that I need for my 1:1 clients, so we’ll see how it goes! I now only teach two classes per week and it feels like nothing – although my PT hours are rocketing up t0 30+ hours weekly.

I’ve been insanely busy over the past couple of weeks. The fact that I had a week out for our holiday in Italy really made me cram the clients in back to back the moment I was home. I guess it’s one of those freelance things I’ll just have to get used to. The holiday was definitely worth it though. I came back feeling well-rested and super energised…albeit with a twisted ankle. Nice one Rossa.

I’m taking on a few more clients and even more of my regulars have been upping their sessions. I swear it’s the most rewarding thing! However I also haven’t been able to resist looking at the odd job vacancy in Australia…

FlexFitDance May-June Monthly Update


The Fit Bride Bootcamp:

Lattes & Lipsticks and I have hit the halfway mark of the Fit Bride Bootcamp! I continue to be impressed with how far Staci has come and how determined she is to improve further. Bonus points to me for actually getting her to enjoy working out (most of the time!) You can check out exactly how we dealt with a jam-packed and stressful month in the latest update right here. After I publish this I’m moving on to my OTHER big task of the wedding- find a nice full length bridesmaids dress that actually fits my five foot nothing!

PhD Nutrition Event:

As briefly mentioned in my Beginner’s Guide to Pre-Workout, I was invited to an event over at 1Rebel gym in broadsgste by PhD Nutrition, who are launching a whole host of new and awesome products. We had a workout class followed by free breakfast. Win.  There was also a talk by PhD’s founders and the chance to try an endless amount of their new protein bars, pre-workout, protein water and on-the-go BCAA’s. I walked out worked-out, full of avocado toast and best of all, laden with an uber-generous goodie bag, which not only contained samples of ALL of their new products, but also a box of full size Smart Protein Bars, one in each flavour. Make sure to give them a go- the peanut butter one is YUM.

You know when you’re little and you go to a friend’s birthday party and leave with a party bag full of sweets, cheap toys and cake….it was a similar feeling!

FlexFitDance May-June Monthly Update

Travels & Training:

It was great to get away for a bit of a break at the the start of the month. I’ve always loved Italy and our stay in a cute AirBnb in Lari, Tuscany, was everything we could have asked for. Since coming back I’ve been training really hard. Possibly fuelled by the copious pizza and gelato consumed in Italy. Hey, life is about balance– right?

Today a fellow PT took me to a powerlifting gym just around the corner from Frame. It was proper old school and I would have been quite intimidated without Jas there! However I was soon swept up by the supportive atmosphere from both the staff and the members. Bethnal Green weightlifting club is one of the oldest gym’s of it’s kind. The brilliant thing that struck me right away was the sheer amount of female powerlifters training there! I thought it’d be testosterone central but actually the majority of people were women. I have nothing against men, but it was actually really great to train in a female dominated gym for once. I’m hoping to really up my strength before going away to Australia, so fingers crossed!

FlexFitDance May-June Monthly Update

Coming up in June:

  • I’m doing an Advanced Stretching Qualification this month as part of my CPD. Coming from a dance background, my PT sessions (as well as my own training) often have a strong focus on flexibility & mobility, so it’ll be nice to go a bit more in depth.
  • I still need to try my first Yoga class. I’m literally booking onto it as I type this so it’ll definitely be done by the end of June!
  • Go back to the Powerlifting gym. Lift some heavy ass weights.
  • I’m going to be sharing more recipes and workout videos this month – so stay tuned!

What are your goals for the month?


  • Bei

    You make my month look so boring compared to yours.. lol. Love it!! Don’t think I’d have the energy for half the things you have done this month, thanks god for the holiday. First time reading your blog and will defo make your site a regular look in. Have a fab weekend.🙂

    • Roslyn Rachel

      My day to day life mostly consists of work for sure! Glad you enjoyed it, you’ve made my evening 😀 Have a lovely weekend.

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