March Monthly Summary For FlexFit Dance: Fitness, Health, Food and Lifestyle Blog

Monthly Summary: The End of the March Madness

Urm, so how is it the end of March already?!

I swear I have this same conversation with at least one of my clients every week. Them asking how my week has gone and me just being completely mind-boggled, wondering how another whole week has passed.

Most of all I can’t quite comprehend that I’ve been a freelance Personal Trainer for 3 months. HOW?

I realise that in that grand scheme of things it’s not that long, but still, those 3 months have flashed by. Probably because I’ve been insanely busy (which is good). So much has happened this month that I almost can’t keep track.

So how’s it going?


It’s going…Well, well, really. I’m super happy and still not regretting my decision to quit the office job (which is usually the first thing that people ask). I’m very busy. I definitely need to get myself a fitness tracker, because goodness knows how many calories I burn on my average day, teaching back to back classes and travelling between clients.

In total, I have around 16 PT Clients (that’s usually the second question people ask). Most of these are long term and have booked sessions with me for a minimum of 8-12 weeks. It’s great. The relationship you build with your clients is awesome and there’s honestly nothing as satisfying as getting to know them and helping them to reach their goals.

I cut down on some of the classes that I teach at the beginning of March. It was a tough decision, especially deciding to stop my Sunday barre classes. But I was working myself into the ground and when it came down to it I just needed to clear up some more space for my clients. I won’t stop ever teaching classes completely though. I still do regular HiiT and TRX classes in Farringdon and Notting Hill. There’s a different atmosphere teaching group sessions, because as much as I love my PT clients, it’s nice to get that big group energy at the start of a Monday morning! I have people that come back regularly for my classes with Ten Health and Fitness. It makes your day knowing that you’re giving a class that people want to come back to time and again!

A couple of weeks ago I was also given the opportunity to develop my role a little bit with Frame. I’m currently a freelance PT at their Kings Cross and Shoreditch studios. Hopefully this new opportunity will let me get to know this awesome company a bit better! I can’t say too much more on here, but stay tuned!

March Monthly Summary For FlexFit Dance: Fitness, Health, Food and Lifestyle Blog


Blogging-wise, March has been a top month. If you didn’t hear me shout out a million and one times about the Aerial Fitness class that I was invited to by the fab Bloggers that Slay community, you can read the post here. I’ve definitely found a new obsession!

Month 2 of the Fit Bride Bootcamp, my collaboration with Lattes & Lipsticks is well underway. Staci’s been doing great (especially now that I have her eating better!) Plus, it’s been great seeing her on a regular basis- although we’re keeping the post-workout Prosecco to a minimum! The month 2 post and workout will be published right here on FlexFitDance this Thursday, or you can read month 1 here if you haven’t already caught up.

I also was lucky enough to see the premier live screening of Dancer back on 2nd March- a documentary on Sergei Polunin (the media-branded “Bad Boy” of ballet). It was followed with a live performance and a Q&A and made for an excellent evening.

Tom and I have booked a holiday to Italy! Four nights in Tuscany at the beginning of May, to celebrate our Birthdays (only one day apart!). I’m looking at it as a warm up to our big travelling adventure later this year and I really cannot wait. It’ll be nice to get some rare time off- my first since starting this new job!

And as for April…

Well it’s one of those exciting things about freelance life that I honestly have no ideas what’s around the corner. Me being my hyper-organised self, I plan as much as I can. Realistically, though, you do have to take each day, class and client as they come.

My to-do list for April looks a little like this:

  • The London Coffee Festival, April 8th. Does this even require any introduction? I’ll be heading along with Staci so you’re bound to hear all about it both here and over on LnL.
  • F45 Training. I’m so excited to finally get to try out F45 with my friend, Yas, next week! We qualified as PT’s together and this sort of high intensity functional training is right down our street. I’m just hoping I can hold my own! There’s bound to be a review up within the next couple of weeks.
  • YOGA. People are always surprised when I tell them that I’ve never actually done a proper yoga class. Probably because I love stretching! I do think that I’d really enjoy a good yoga class, although with so many variations and techniques I have no idea which sort to try! It’s a resolution for next month to try out at least one yoga class, so we’ll see how that goes in the next update!

But aside from that, who knows what I’ll be writing about this time next month?

March Monthly Summary For FlexFit Dance: Fitness, Health, Food and Lifestyle Blog

How’s your March been?

March Monthly Summary For FlexFit Dance: Fitness, Health, Food and Lifestyle Blog


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