FlexFit Dance April Updates

Monthly Summary: April Updates and Into May

Happy 1st May! This is one of my favourite months. Partly of course because May is when my birthday is. Quite conveniently, mine and Toms’ birthdays are only a day apart- his on the 3rd and mine on the 5th. So this year instead of doing presents we booked ourselves a few days in Tuscany as a birthday treat.

It’s a good thing we did, because after April, I definitely feel like I need a bit of a holiday!

You know how they say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person?

That sort of sums up this month.

Quite a few of my clients went on holiday for Easter- and one left to go have her baby! So in a bit of a panic I agreed to take on a few more clients plus a little bit of extra admin.

This meant that actually I was busier than ever, having to schedule my time down to the absolute minute. Still, even though I was rushed off my feet for most of April, I seemed to be able to tick everything off much easier.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how April has been for me:


A couple of clients stopped training in April due to work schedules, long-term travel plans and babies making an appearance. It was my first case of ‘losing’ clients and even though it’s not for bad reasons (thank goodness!), it’s a bizarre thing to get your head around. You build up such a strong relationship when you see someone so regularly then all of a sudden it stops. It’s actually really upsetting!

Still, it’s definitely a case of lose-one-gain three. Not only have I got a couple more signing up, but some of my existing clients are upping their weekly sessions from once to twice, or even three times per week. It’s the most rewarding feeling when clients start making amazing progress and you can see how motivated and happy it’s making them!

I’m facing some tricky decisions at the moment about my PT/Class ratio. Realistically, I think I need to cut down my classes a little further. I mentioned in last month’s update that I’d already cut them down a bit. It’s a shame because I absolutely love teaching my classes, but at the moment some of them are just a little too far away travel wise, which eats into time that could be spent PT-ing. Ideally I’d love to teach one or two classes a week, a little closer to home and then dedicate the rest of my time to Personal Training clients. Teaching classes is such a rewarding feeling so I never want to stop that completely.

FlexFit Dance April Updates


I spent the last weekend of April at Be:Fit Festival in the Business Design Centre in Islington. A whole weekend dedicated to women’s fitness, with gym-wear, protein and peanut butter galore. Festivals are a strange thing. I went to the London Coffee Festival earlier in the month, which was full to the brim of coffee addicts. Be:Fit was the same but with gym clad girls shotting free samples of protein and getting personalised sports bras! It was an interesting experience. There was a great atmosphere – really high energy and I have a lot of respect for all the small business owners really putting in the effort on their stands to build relationships and get their name out there. There are loads of classes to try out, lots of interesting speakers and, of course, obligatory free samples of the latest health crazes. I’m in two minds about it – but you’ll be able to read more in my Be:Fit posts this week so stay tuned!

We’re on to month 3 of the Fit Bride Bootcamp collaboration with Lattes & Lipsticks. So far it’s going better than I think either of us imagined. We’ve had a great response to our Instagram giveaways- but more importantly Staci’s progress is incredible. She’s come really far both physically and also in her mental approach to fitness. She now knows how satisfying a tough leg-day workout can really be!

Coming up in May:

I mean first up on May’s to do list is the best:

  • Relaxing in the middle of nowhere in the Tuscan countryside. I can’t wait! We fly out tomorrow. It’s also exciting because it means I get to share more travel posts with you – which I absolutely love to write. Don’t forget to check out my Sunshine category in the upcoming weeks for some Italy updates!
  • I still need to do my Yoga class. I mentioned this last month and then all of a sudden was run off my feet. However I want to get at least a couple of classes under my belt by the end of June, so let’s hope I get my act together!
  • May will see the last in my TRX workout series on the blog. Short, simple and effective workouts all with one piece of equipment. If you have’t used a TRX before, now’s the time to try it out!

What are you looking forward to this month?

FlexFit Dance April Updates


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