Lari, Italy - Review & Guide

Home Away from Home: AirBnB in Lari, Italy

A review of our AirBnB in Lari, Italy. Please be aware that this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are a) true and b) my own. Life’s too short to speak other people’s words. 

If you read my April update, you’ll know that Tom and I spent the beginning of this month celebrating our birthdays in the Tuscan countryside.

I’m not a fan of the all inclusive lifestyle. Having a place to settle into and call home for a week is much more my idea of a relaxing holiday.

We struggled to find the apartment on the trip from the airport- on the windy country roads, we just kept on missing the turning! Still, we eventually found the right street and made it up the hill in our little car. Having done so, we were rewarded with spectacular views of the Tuscan hills. Che bellissima!

It was nice and easy to walk into the centre of the Lari when we wanted some fresh air and exercise, but we were only a short drive from plenty of larger towns such as Lucca and Florence.

Lari, Italy - Review & Guide

Lari, Italy - Review & Guide

Annalisa and Tommaso, our hosts, lived in the next door apartment. They were wonderfully friendly and welcoming. We were even greeted with a bottle of fizz and breakfast for the next day. They were always happy to answer questions but let us get on with our holiday in peace once the introductions were over.

It was a typical Tuscan apartment, with stone walls, painted shutters and lemon trees in the garden! It was precisely what we needed. Not overly fancy, glamorous, high tech or modern, but clean and cosy with plenty of space- indoors and out. The wifi was decent, there was plenty of hot water the kitchen was functional and the whole place was clean. We were given toiletries, dressing gowns, cooking utensils- even flip flops for the trip down to the wooden hot tub!

Lari had plenty of delicious restaurants to choose from but it was nice to be able to stay in and cook for ourselves as well. The quality and value of fresh produce that you get at European markets will never fail to amaze me!

We would start our day with some resistance band training. This would be followed by a jog (or fast walk!) up the steep hill into Lari for our morning coffee.  After an espresso or two we’d head back to the apartment. Enjoying some fruit, yoghurt and poached eggs on the veranda, we’d sit and plan the rest of our day.

If you’re looking for luxury and glamour then this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you just want to relax for a while in a place you can call home, with easy access to everything that Tuscany has to offer, this apartment is as good a choice as any.

Lari, Italy - Review & Guide

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