How to be a PT when you're not wearing gym clothes

How to be a PT when you’re not wearing gym-clothes

I realise that this post may sound like I’m stating the obvious.

I’m writing it on a Tuesday evening. It’s a rare day when Im finished with work before 4pm. Unthinkable for a weekday, normally.

I’m on my way to meet my best friend for some casual after work drinks. Nothing out of the ordinary then, compared to the rest of the working millennials in London.

Except for me it really is.

I’m wearing a dress. Nothing fancy- just a casual dress that keeps me relatively cool in this unexpected scorching summer.

And that’s the strangest thing of all.

How to be a PT when you're not wearing gym clothes

It genuinely just feels really weird. I spend my life constantly in activewear, because I’m always either working or training. Or lounging around the house doing admin and running errands. But there’s no point changing clothes because I’ll either just have finished at the gym, or I’ll head there after I’m done.

For this reason my poor non-gym wardrobe has been somewhat neglected recently. I have piles and piles of old work or summer or going out clothes that, since I became full time freelance, just haven’t been worn. Not because they’re old or they don’t fit. Just because they’re kinda unnecessary

These days if my mum sees me in absolutely anything other than lycra leggings she’ll remark (with some surprise) how nice I look.

My point being that as much as it feels more of a privilege to dress up now (even if that means jeans!) it also makes me weirdly uncomfortable. As if I’ve lost my ‘PT’ identity somehow.

Which of course is completely ridiculous.

How to be a PT when you're not wearing gym clothes

It’s not as if anyone would not believe that I’m a PT just because I’m not in activewear. It’s not as if they’d even ask. I don’t make a habit of going around asking people what they do for a living. If someone told me they were a doctor I wouldn’t ask them why they’re not wearing scrubs or a white coat. It’s literally meaningless.

Truth is I love my identity when I’m in activewear. I worked insanely hard to become a PT and now I’m grateful that (as a result) my workwear is super comfortable and I can wear gym hoodies and run down the tube escalators, comfortable in one of my many pairs of trainers.

I never did suit office clothes.

Still, I think it’s time that I learned that I’m a PT regardless of whether I’m wearing lycra leggings, a fancy dress or just a scruffy old pair of jeans.

I love my job and I think it suits me. But I also love theatre, books and salt and vinegar crisps. And I’m not going to forget that again.

How to be a PT when you're not wearing gym clothes




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