Fit Bride Bootcamp Month 2: Intro to Weightlifting

Fit Bride Bootcamp: Month 2

Month two of the Fit Bride Bootcamp has been great. It’s much easier now that we’re both in the same country!

I’ve been getting a little bit naggy about things like nutrition. Last month Staci was convinced that she was getting around 2000 calories per day. However it didn’t take an extensive analysis of her food diary to figure out that it was actually only around 700-1500. Given that Staci isn’t out to lose any weight, it’s important that she eats enough to keep her going. When there was a near-fainting incident at one of our HiiT sessions, I set it upon myself to come up with various meals and tasty recipes that would ensure that Staci’s body would be able to keep up with our programme. Nutrition is key, and even if you’re getting empty calories on snacks it’s not enough without plenty of protein, good fats and complex carbs.

Staci and I work so well together because even though our fundamental interests are similar, we each have strengths where the other person is weaker.

I’m more about the health and fitness, but Staci knows more about how to make an outfit look good than I could possibly ever hope to know.

Staci is excellent at all things visual- design, photography, colours and fonts whereas I’m more of a words person. So while she takes photographs for me, I write bios and proofread posts for her.

It just works.
Fit Bride Bootcamp Month 2: Intro to Weightlifting

I bring this up because I think that this month of the Fit Bride Bootcamp has been a learning curve for us both. Workout-wise, I’ve been taking Staci through the fundamentals of weight training. Something she’s had an aversion to since some bad experiences in teenager hood! (I’m pretty sure that’s something we can all relate to somehow). I’ve been doing a lot of work with free weights such as dumbbells, kettle bells, power bags and medicine balls.

Meanwhile, of course, Staci has been patiently answering all my (rather dense) questions about social media. (“So, how do we actually workout who the winner of our giveaway is?”). She’s much more savvy when it comes to that sort of thing.

For this month, reflecting the programme I’ve put together for Staci, I’ve created really straightforward leg day workout. It’s got all the basics you need for an super effective leg session. Perfect for anyone who’s just starting out with weight training! As ever, if you have any questions or would like some more advice, please feel free to get in touch. If you try out the workout please do let us know how you found it in the comments!

Check out Staci’s commentary below the workout. It’s hilarious, and gives me a little, warm Personal-Trainer glow inside.

Lattes & Lipsticks will be hosting Month 3 of the Fit Bride Bootcamp- stay tuned!

The Workout

Simple Leg-Day Burner for Newbie Weight Lifters: Fit Bride Bootcamp Month 2

The Commentary

Weights. My enemy. Little fun fact, I had a personal trainer for a hot minute growing up due to sports and we used to do weight training A LOT. I hated it because I got so bulky which made me feel gross and just not girlie at all. When you’re a teenager starting a new school and stronger than most of the boys your age, it’s uncomfortable and awkward and I blamed exercise. Thus started my aversion to exercising in the gym. It’s also probably one of the reasons I became infatuated with dresses and vintage inspired clothing. You can’t help but feel feminine in a beautiful dress and some red lipstick à la Marilyn Monroe.

This month started #strugglebus but towards the end I was feeling much more confident. I have definitely learned where my strengths and weaknesses are after doing some weights. And as much as I bitch and complain when I see  kettlebells in front of me, it’s far better than cardio, let me tell you. I’m already noticing a difference at my day job.

If you follow L&L you might have read recently that I work in a fairly interesting field. It means I’m lifting gear and moving things anywhere from 4 to 12kg (ish) on any given day. Before FBB, I used to get one of the guys who works with me to move said things. NOW I’m all “I got this boys – move over”. And for the most part, I do genuinely have it – which feels AH-MAZING.

I’m so glad we live in a time where it’s acceptable for women to be strong and it’s embraced through movements like #StrongNotSkinny. I’m also thankful for Roslyn and this series for showing me how you can be strong and feminine. Something I wish my teenage self was able to appreciate.

I won’t get into a rant but basically, this series has become more than just wedding prep and it’s for more than just brides. It’s for anyone who wants to embrace working out and learn how to do it correctly. Because girls can be strong – and they can lift the heavy things at work without the boys help. YAY!

Fit Bride Bootcamp Month 2: Intro to Weightlifting

Fit Bride Bootcamp Month 2: Intro to Weightlifting
Fit Bride Bootcamp Month 2: Intro to Weightlifting




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