Coconut Water

3 Things to do with that Coconut Water you bought (before you realised that it makes you gag)

I’m a sucker for health fads. I have a whole cupboard at home that’s dedicated to what my flatmate and I call “pointless health stuff”.

What’s more impressive is that I genuinely do use it all on a regular basis…even if I’m not entirely sure why.

There’s the sprirulina that goes into my salads and the beetroot powder that gets mixed into my overnight oats. Acai powder is always on hand for smoothie bowls and just about anything can be given a sprinkling of linseeds at any given time.

Sure, I could write a whole post about their seemingly magical antioxidising-supermetabolising-energyboosting-skindetoxing-cleansing-acidneutralising-proteinsynthesising vitaminy-minerally qualities that gives them the gold standard that is the ‘superfood’ title.

But to be honest I really just like the smashing pink colour that the beetroot powder gives my overnight oats when mixed with greek yoghurt.

Either way, I lap it all up, regardless of whether they actually make me run faster/lift heavier/concentrate better etc. and on the whole, I genuinely enjoy them.

So I was pretty confident that first time I bought a litre of coconut water, the new trend, the next big thing in the world of pointless health fads, that it would fit right in with my much loved collection.

Then I drank some, and anyone whose experienced that gagging feeling on their first try of sickly sweet, weirdly milky but watery at the same time, coconut liquid will appreciate my confusion, shock and disappointment.

It was a bit like the feeling you get when you accidently swallow sea-water.

So I was left with a dilemma in the form of a still-99%-full carton of milky-watery liquid. Yes, I could have just thrown the rest away, but that would’ve been a waste, and I also felt a stubborn resilience that somehow coconut water would still find its way into my collection.

Coconut Water

6 Cartons, 4 Brands, several failed recipes and 1 completely destroyed saucepan (don’t ask) later, I have a pretty sound and regularly used store of recipes and inventions for which I frequently have to run to the shops to replenish my coconut water supply.

These are my Top 3, but each one can be varied in a million different ways. I’d love to read some comments if anyone has any other suggestions!

1) The Obvious – Use it in Smoothies

This was the first thing I tried, and it worked great right away. My all-time favourite is this Protein Pina Colada because coconut and pineapple are, and will always be a match made in heaven.

Pina Colada

2) Use it in your Overnight Oats

I used to always use soy milk or water in my breakfast oats, but Coconut water is my go-to now, because it adds that lovely nutty flavour but the oats and Greek yoghurt take away the sweetness.

Use equal parts oats and coconut water (slightly less coconut water if you are adding Greek yoghurt too) and stir into a jar or container of your choice, adding any sorts of nuts, nut butter, berries or banana as you desire.

My usual weekday overnight oats is:

½ Cup Oats

½ Cup Coconut Water

A couple of big spoonfuls of Greek yogurt

1 Small or Half a large banana

A small handful of mixed nuts

1 Teaspoon of either Acai or Beetroot Powder

A few raspberries, blueberries or chopped strawberries.

Coconut Water Overnight Oats

3) Use it to make healthy Coconut Rice

I absolutely love coconut rice but it can be really sugary and fattening from takeaways or in restaurants. This healthy alternative is packed full of protein, and if you use brown rice then the nuttiness really complements the coconut water. 

Simply replace the normal water with the coconut water and follow the packet instructions!
I added kale, tomato, avocado, broccoli and feta to mine, along with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkling of chilli flakes.


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