It's always the little things that make your hard-work all worthwhile

Big Gains and Little Wins: How to Make a PT’s Day

A client said something to me the other week that, honestly, made my day.

“You’ve just made me realise what my body is capable of”.

It wasn’t a dramatic statement at all. It was said nonchalantly- in passing, almost. She probably thought it was quite insignificant.

The thing is, it’s the tiny things like that, that make me realise why I started this whole thing in the first place. Little bursts of “yes” that come up like butterflies in the stomach, making you thankful for the work, the decisions and the path that led you to where you are now.

We’d just finished a massive upper body session. This client had the most impressive pump going on in her arms and shoulders. Like, the definition was spectacular. She’s struggled with losing weight in the past, and until recently would never have dreamed of touching a dumbbell in the gym. She said that she was always too intimidated by the copious amounts of testosterone that often linger in the bench-section.  

The progress has been psychological as well as physical. In many ways this has been the more rewarding aspect of her transformation.

PT’s and Fitness Instructors go through their fair share of sh*t. Unsociable hours, endless travel, free-trial clients who don’t show up without bothering even to send a simple text so that you can go home and have some food. Rude clients in classes who roll up 10 minutes late and then complain if you don’t show them enough attention.

Considering this, I personally know very few PT’s that ever, truly and consistently complain about their job. Certainly not to the same extent as I know office workers do. Why? Because there are those little moments that make it all worthwhile.

I’ve heard stereotypes of Personal Trainers as being ‘superficial’ and ‘self-obsessed’. In actual fact, I think the complete opposite is true.

Any decent trainer will care about each and every one of their clients’ overall well being – not just the size of their muscles. And how can we be self-obsessed if we devote our whole careers to helping other people achieve their goals, often sacrificing our own training time or social life in the meantime.

So when a client says something as simple as;

“You’ve helped”

“I’m so happy with my progress”

“Thank you”
Well, I can’t speak for anybody else, but it certainly makes my day.

It's always the little things that make your hard-work worthwhile


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