A Beginner Guide to PreWorkout

A Beginner Guide to PreWorkout (feat PhD Pre-Wkt: Burn)

The first time I tried PreWorkout, I felt like an absolute rebel.

I mean, come on. You only need to read the first line of my About Me profile to understand that I’m a bit of an introvert whose idea of a wild Saturday night is managing more than one glass of wine or (on rare occasions) a full bottle of cider. And by full I mean circa 500ml.

I’m genuinely not trying to be a goody-two-shoes. This isn’t me saying “look how wonderfully healthy I am”. I’ve always been like it, regardless of the health aspect…I don’t like getting into trouble! Yes I loved clubbing whilst I was at University- still do occasionally- but that’s about the dancing, not the drink, drugs or rock and roll. The truth is, that sort of thing has never appealed.

Yes. I realise that PreWorkout doesn’t actually count as drugs.

I was (and still can be) just a little put off by the idea of forcing a load of chemicals and caffeine into your body to create a synthesised buzz of energy. It just feels a bit unnatural. More so than protein supplements- which I have been au fait with for a while, under the right circumstances.

So that’s why the first time I furtively mixed that little white scoop of powder and shook it up in my purer than pure Evian bottle, (which, alas, would never taste the same again) I felt like I was kinda ruining my own innocence somehow.

Lo and behold, I hated it.

I got the shakes. The sweats. A massive high, followed by the worst crash. I felt sick halfway through my training session. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t see properly at one point, or the lights seemed really bright or something. Worst of all, unbearable tingles that came on after 5 minutes. An unsalvageable itch behind my ears, on my neck and in-between my shoulder blades.

I’ve tried a few different PreWorkout supplements since that grim loss of virginity. I’ve also done a lot more research. I struggled for a long time to find a decent PreWorkout that gave me the boost that I needed without at least one of the aforementioned side-effects.

Enter PhD…

Then, quite by chance, I was invited to an event hosted by PhD Supplements at 1Rebel in Broadsgate. A community of bloggers, journalists and fitness industry professionals gathered together for a quick workout, a free breakfast and an intro to some of PhD’s newly launching products.

A Beginner Guide to PreWorkout

Ahead of the mini fitness class, we were given samples of PhD’s new PreWorkout products. I was quite disproportionately excited when I realised that one of the samples was Pink Grapefruit flavour. Grapefruit is one of my all-time favourite fruits (which some people find weird). It was as if I knew even before trying it that I’d finally found the PreWorkout for me.

PhD don’t do what a lot of other companies do, and just cram AS MUCH CAFFEINE AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE into their energy boosts. Instead they have conducted extensive scientific research to create 3 unique PreWorkout powders that are individually tailored towards the goals of the user.

Ok, that sounded very sales jargon-y.

Basically they avoid pumping caffeine into their powders and focus on different ingredients depending on whether the user wants to have sustained energy whilst preventing muscle loss (PreWkt Burn), get a better muscle pump (PreWkt Pump) or perform better/recover quicker during bouts of exercise, like a sports match (PreWkt Perform). They focus on using chemicals in their supplements that are already naturally created by the body.

The PreWorkout Burn was my favourite. I had a good level of sustained energy throughout our workout. No bright lights, no sweats and no massive crash afterwards either. Best of all, the Burn blend doesn’t contain any Beta-Alanine, that god-awful chemical responsible for the tingles.

It works for me. I also know that the PreWkt Perform blend, which has Beta-Alanine and Creatine added, but no B vitamins or Branch Chain Amino Acids, does not. The tiniest difference in ingredients can have a huge effect on performance.  It just goes to show how individual these things are and how important it is to do your research.


The Beginner Guide to PreWorkout:

If you’re a newbie thinking about trying an energy boost supplement for the first time, make sure you figure out what you actually need and where you can actually get it, rather than mindlessly accepting the first scoop of buzz-inducing powder that comes your way.

Here’s a couple of quick infographics that should (hopefully) cover the basics.

A Beginner Guide to PreWorkout

A Beginner Guide to PreWorkout


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