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TRX Abs: Guide to the seven minute six-pack.

TRX Abs: Guide to the seven minute six-pack.

Forget your sit ups, crunches or Russian twists- if you really want to feel those abdominals burning then using a TRX is the way to go.

Even adding a TRX to a simple exercise like the plank adds an element of instability that really challenges the core.

I love doing this with new clients because without fail they’ll turn to me afterwards and say “that’s so hard, but you can REALLY feel it working”.

I mean, what more do you want from an ab exercise?

Anyone who has been to one of my TRX sessions knows all too well that I like to spend the last 6-8 minutes at the end burning out that six pack! Because honestly, that’s all the time it takes.

The exercises in the video are pretty advanced. If you know you have a strong core and good stability then you shouldn’t have an issue. However, if you find yourself really struggling, practice first just getting yourself into the plank position with your feet in the TRX cradles.

The easiest way I’ve found to do this is simply by kneeling in front of the TRX, facing away from it. From there you can reach behind and slip the cradles over your feet. Then you can walk the hands out into plank. Once you can hold the plank steadily for at least 30 seconds, try pushing yourself by moving on to the workout below – take it one exercise at a time at first!

Check out the full workout video below. It’s written out in full too- along with some handy tips! As ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and if you have any questions, do get in touch.

TRX Abs: Guide to The Seven Minute Six Pack

The Workout In Full

1) Tucks
2) Mountain Climbers
3) Oblique Tucks
4) Pikes

For this one pair the exercises together.

Do exercise one and two for 30 seconds each with no rest in between. Rest for 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Then do the same structure with exercise three and four.

now watch the video…

Too easy? Try adding in a bosu ball…

Tip: The TRX need to be lengthened down so that the handles and cradles are towards the floor. But try not to have them too long. When you’re in your plank, your body, from head to toe, should be in a nice straight line, as parallel as possible to the floor. 


Almond-Berry Protein Pancakes (aka the perfect post-workout breakfast!)

Almond-Berry Protein Pancakes (aka the perfect post-workout breakfast!)

I made these Protein Pancakes for Tom and I for an Easter Breakfast after our traditional sunday morning workout.

I have honestly never seen someone eat something so fast!

These pancakes have a good 20-25g of protein per portion (depending on which protein powder you use) making them a brilliant post-workout meal. Super fresh and healthy, loads of good fats. Not to mention they’ll fill you up until dinner!

Considering this was the first time I’d made protein pancakes (and also considering I completely improvised the recipe!) I was very proud of myself. It also just goes to show just how easy they are to make!

You can obviously vary this recipe depending on your berry/nut butter preferences. The strawberry and almond butter combination went really well and the added crunch from the sunflower seeds was perfect. However if you fancied throwing in a few blueberries or chocolate chips then that’d probably go down a treat too!

I won’t keep you waiting any longer though – these are just too good:

Almond Berry Protein Pancakes: Simple Recipe for the Perfect Post-Workout Breakfast!



Makes 6 medium sized pancakes.

  • 2 Medium bananas
  • 1 Teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 Tablespoon of oats, flaxseed or oatbran
  • 3 Tablespoons of ground almonds
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Scoops (around 60g) unflavoured protein
  • A Splash of water or almond milk to to soften the batter (if necessary)
  • A Couple of teaspoons of coconut oil


To Serve:

  • Almond butter- around a tablespoon per person (I used a sachet of Pip & Nut Coconut and Almond Butter. YUM). Obviously you can pretty much use any nut butter of your choice.
  • Any berries of your choice
  • Mixed Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • A drizzle of honey

Almond Berry Protein Pancakes: Simple Recipe for the Perfect Post-Workout Breakfast!


In a large mixing bowl, mash the bananas with a fork or spoon. When they’re well mashed with not to many lumpy bits, add the oats, baking powder, ground almonds and protein, until all the ingredients are well combined.

Whisk the eggs lightly in a jug, before stirring them into the banana mixture. Again, stir well, adding any water/almond milk if necessary. The mixture shouldn’t be too sloppy though!

Heat some of the coconut oil in a large frying pan over a medium to high heat. You can then pour in a spoonful of the mixture at a time. They’ll take about two or three minutes to cook on each side. I usually do mine about 10 cm in diameter and about an inch thick, so cooking time will obviously vary depending on the size.

These pancakes tend to brown quite quickly, so don’t worry if you think they look too dark. Just keep sniffing to makes sure they don’t burn!

I like to keep mine warm in the oven until all the batter is cooked.

Chop up whatever berries or fruit you’re serving with your pancakes. Put your protein pancakes on a plate, drizzle with almond butter, honey and top with your fruit and seed combo!

Enjoy 🙂

Almond Berry Protein Pancakes: Simple Recipe for the Perfect Post-Workout Breakfast!

Do you have a favourite post-workout meal?


A Sneaky Peak Inside My Gym Bag

A Sneaky Peak Inside My Gym Bag

When Staci suggested that we both do a post this month of “What’s in my gym bag” I laughed aloud.

Let me explain.

Staci is a lifestyle blogger, right? I mentioned in last month’s Fit Bride Bootcamp update that she’s really creative and good at making things look pretty. When we have our sessions, her gym bag is generally full of fancy toiletries, cool water bottles and fun, matching accessories.

Mine is not.

For a Personal Trainer, your gym bag is not just something you take for a quick session or class before returning it safely to your wardrobe. No. For a PT your gym bag is also your briefcase, work bag, lunchbox, shower bag, filing cabinet, spare closet and goodness knows what else.

A sneaky peak inside a Personal Trainer's gym bag

On a daily basis, my gym bag (and I’d imagine it’s the same for other trainers too) carries my whole entire life. Often I leave the house at 5.30 in the morning and don’t get back until 10pm at night, depending on how many clients or classes I have that day. There’s often a fair amount of travel involved. Sometimes my clients are back to back all day. Other times, I have gaps of an hour or so in which I can find some wifi, set up a work-station and do some blog writing or life admin.

I’m the sort of person that hates to be caught out with nothing to do. If I have an hour or two spare, nothing is more satisfying to me than filling it with something productive. If only because this means that I can get to bed a little earlier, or wake up a little later. It makes all the difference!

For this reason, I tend to go with the whole boy scout “always be prepared” motto.

This is what you’ll find in my not-just-gym bag:

A sneaky peak inside a Personal Trainer's gym bag

1. My Laptop

Why does a PT need a laptop? (Yes, I’ve genuinely been asked that before). Well…booking clients. Writing blog posts. Checking emails. Sending invoices. I really couldn’t live without it, and there’s always something I can find to do!

2. My Diary


3. At least two notebooks, three pens and a pencil.

As any blogger will tell you, there’s nothing worse than being caught without something to write down an idea that has just popped into your head! I’m constantly scribbling away in my notebook on the tubes and buses when I can’t pull out my laptop.

4. All the gym cards I own

If there’s a chance to fit in my own training session in between clients it’s nice to know that there’s a gym to go to right around the corner! It’s nice to get a break from whichever gym or studio you use to train your clients. Having a fresh environment makes me so much more motivated.

5. Deodorant


6. All the chargers ever.

I mean a dead battery is just the worst, right?

7. My spare power bank (just in case).

This was a hidden gem inside my Christmas stocking last year and has been an absolute life saver! Perfect if you have your charger cables but there’s no power outlet anywhere available.

8. A wash bag


9. My Ipad

I must look like a walking advertisement for apple… I use my iPad to play music in my classes and sessions so I’d be pretty lost without it.

10. Hair brushes, grips and bobbles


11. SNACKS (and if I’ve been super organised, a packed breakfast and lunch too!)

4 HiiT classes, 5 clients, and a two hour training session. Not to mention running up and down the tube escalators constantly. It’s hungry work!


12. Water

13. Liz Earle Face Spray

This is possibly the only thing that looks like it could ever belong in Staci’s gym bag. And to be honest I don’t even always have it! Liz Earle’s floral face spray is just a really refreshing way to liven up your skin when you’re feeling gross.

14. Chewing Gum

I mean no one wants bad breath.

15. Vitamins

Usually a mixture of multivitamins and/or BCAA’s for muscle recovery. At the moment I’m trying out The Good Guru’s Muscle and Tone supplements, which are a mixture of amino acids, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium, to help with muscle repair.

A sneaky peak inside a Personal Trainer's gym bag

What would we find in your Gym Bag?


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